Accessory Required Plugin

Require an Accessory to be used in every Booked Scheduler Reservation

Admin Approved User Registration

Require Admin Approval to complete User Registration in Booked Scheduler

Admin Only Check In/Out Restrictions

Check In and/or Check Out only for Booked Scheduler Administrators (plus other features!)

ELIMINATE Race Condition Reservations

Eliminate Race Condition Booked Scheduler Reservations!

Multiple PostReservations Plugins

Activate multiple PostReservation plugins at once within Booked Scheduler

Multiple PreReservations Plugins

Activate multiple PreReservation plugins at once within Booked Scheduler

Remote Control Devices through Reservations

Automatically control devices through the Booked Scheduler Reservations system!

Require Participation Plugin

Require Participation (also can require Invitees and/or Invited Guests) on all Reservations within your Booked Scheduler system!

Simultaneous Reservation Limiter

Automatic quota checker for simultaneous reservation attempts within Booked Scheduler

Start Stop Reservation Action

Run CMD line function at Start and End of reservations within the Booked Scheduler system

Timed Notify 'Last Minute' Reservations

Send Notifications on 'last minute' Booked Scheduler Reservations!

Unused Timeslot Monitor

Keep Booked Scheduler Reservations 'tight' and avoid unused Reservation time slots!

Add User To Default Group

Automatically add your users to your assigned default group in Booked Scheduler as they register

Blackout Delete Notifier

Send notification emails when a conflicting Booked Scheduler reservation is deleted by Blackouts

Booked Scheduler Hosting

Feature rich Booked Scheduler hosting - get started NOW!

Paypal Payments for Reservations

In-line Paypal Payments for Booked Scheduler (Pay As Reservation Is Made)

TrackIt Detail Logging

Complete Reservation History System for Booked Scheduler

WaitList Pro

Waitlist (double booking) management system for Booked Scheduler

Crypto Price Viewer

Explore Cryptocurrency prices with just a click!

Database Backup Tool for Booked Scheduler

Fast PHP Backup of tables within a Database.

Holiday Calculator

Online Holiday Calculator creates ready-to-use output for your personal calendar.

Custom Software

Custom Software developed to your specification

ICS Patch for 'Private' + Admin features

ICS Patch removes 'Private', allows configuration of info and adds new Admin feature

SearchIt - Reservation Search Engine

Instantly search all your Booked Scheduler reservations by a variety of reservation filters

PHP Class for Booked Scheduler API

Easy to use PHP class to connect with and perform operations in Booked Scheduler API

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