TrackIt Detail Logging

Do you need to know exactly who did what, and when with your Booked Scheduler reservations?

With this Booked Scheduler plugin you can automatically record detailed, action-by-action steps on all Add, Delete, Update and Approval functions!

Universities, conference centers and businesses around the world need details about all Add, Update and Approvals of your Booked Scheduler reservations.

TrackIt! gives you the power to easily address "Who deleted my reservation?" "You changed the reservation at the last minute!" and "I didn't Approve that!".

With TrackIt, you WILL know just what happened, and in an easy-to-search fashion!

Need to integrate into your existing ticket/tracking system? TrackIt! gives you total control of the resultant activity codes to make integration simple.

Need your own custom tracking page? Contact Us to make tracking all important activities as simple as pressing a button!


$49.97 USD

Works with Booked Scheduler - GUARANTEED!

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Yes, this Booked Scheduler plugin works with your current Booked Scheduler version - and any/all UPGRADES to this plugin are FREE for one full year!

Compatibility guarantee applies to all publicly available versions of Booked Scheduler released in the last year by Twinkle Toes Software. Unlimited Free Upgrades applies to the purchased product during Upgrade Protection period. Upgrade Protection is renewable.

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