SearchIt - Reservation Search Engine

Search Booked Scheduler reservations by Title, Description, ResourceName and Reference_number.
Great for schools, conference centers and more!

Add-on program for Booked Scheduler

  • Search by a variety of Booked Scheduler reservation parts including title, description, resourceName and reference_number
  • By default the search page will present a page of results similar to the Booked Scheduler Dashboard screen and return the results or 'No Data'
  • Typing anything in the Search Box initiates a drop-down list of searchable fields (the Search Only box)
  • The Search Only box presents a list of fields set in the config file - which can be single fields or combinations. e.g. Title, Description or just Title.
  • Using the Search Only box filters the Search Box text and returns Booked Scheduler data matching those fields.
  • The number of search results returned is set in the config file - e.g. 20 will show a maximum of 20 matching results
  • A simple search requires ONLY the Submit button to be clicked - all Booked Scheduler reservations from 'today' will be shown
  • If start and end dates and times are entered they will restrict the search further.
  • If no date/time is entered, 'today' is used (from 'now' (see below) until 23:59:59) - i.e., by default, only future Booked Scheduler reservations are shown
  • Start search time is configurable to be 'now' or 'all' (00:00:00) - i.e., start time set to previous midnight
  • Search times are taken from your Booked Scheduler times (the entire system list, non-blocked) so the list always reflects your personal setup
  • Supports direct links using 'shortcut' names and number references (see below for details).
  • Contains many intelligent functions for start/end date matching (with no start date, it matches the end, end matches start, no dates = 'today', etc.)
  • Multi-language support - all header/label information is configurable to match language needs


  • Designed with well-known html methods (tables, spans, divs) for easy-to-change lead-in page
  • Each part of the page has its own css class, making it easy to change as you like
  • use the page directly or with 'landing page' style URLs
  • cross-browser functionality (though SearchIt should work with any browser, we support functions in Google Chrome only)
  • 'build-it-yourself' configuration functions for search items you want to allow users to access
  • 'Landing page' access separate from user interface allows you additional search capabilities (resourceID, scheduleID)
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