One-on-One Support


We are happy to offer you solutions to fit your custom needs!

One-on-one Support

  • Software Installation
  • Configuration
  • Database setup
  • Application Engineering
  • Project Planning
  • Development Support
  • additional support (making sure it works on your server, etc.) We recommend 'total access', i.e., cpanel, phpmyadmin, Booked, FTP, etc. to fully support you, though phone/email support is also possible.

We charge a lower-than-industry-standard hourly rate of $50/hr

Start with just a 2-hour up-front minimum, then pay-as-you-go for additional time

This is 'chat with us and pick our brains' time - we respect your privacy and retain all data/discussions in a confidential manner (you retain rights to further develop/market/sell any package you create from this unless otherwise discussed)

If we develop the package it may be under different terms see Custom Software page for more information)

For us to get started (which means we start talking about 'anything' you like, including getting into specifications/documentation you provide us, planning, open discussion of your project, etc. we need $100 via PayPal to which initiates a 'Support Agreement' with us (according to terms on this page), allowing up to 2 hours of 'whatever'.



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