Remote Control Devices through Reservations

Activate/deactivate equipment using the Check In and Check Out feature of Booked Scheduler Reservations!

Now you can use Reservations to:

  • control access to restricted equipment
  • activate equipment only by authorized personnel during authorized hours
  • track actual use time of controlled devices
  • Works with any CMD command for control of USB devices
  • Use on local or remote LAN device

Easy workflow integration:

  1. Connect equipment power to remote controlled USB power switch
  2. Set power command in Resources Custom Attribute for 'On' and 'Off'
  3. User schedules time in Booked
  4. At allowed time, User does Check In and power to unit is activated
  5. User does Check Out and power to unit is removed

Simple to install and use - full installation and use instructions included with the plugin!


$49.97 USD

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