Paypal Payments for Reservations

Take PayPal Payments while creating a Reservation in Booked Scheduler!

Booked Scheduler's 'basic' credit system ONLY allows your Users to "pre-pay" for credits - if they run out, they can't make a reservation - and you can't get paid!

Install this plugin and complete more PAID reservations faster!


This Booked Scheduler plugin supports:

  • pre-pay (you buy Credits through the Booked system and have enough to purchase the Reservation)
  • Pay-As-You-Go (you do NOT pre-pay for credits and just make the Reservation - the price is calculated and you can pay for it through PayPal)
  • MIXED pay (use pre-pay credits and when you create the Reservation if you don't have enough Credits, you can pay the remainder through Pay-As-You-Go)

This plugin utilizes and extends features already in Booked Scheduler so the reservation price is as calculated by Booked and the plugin takes the credits price through the checkout process.

Uses the Paypal REST API to process your 'pay-as-you-go' payments.

Configure your own custom message displayed during your Booked Scheduler reservation for 'Credits Required', 'Cancel' and 'Error' in the plugin config file.

Included in this package is everything you need to quickly TAKE PAYPAL PAYMENTS WHILE CREATING A RESERVATION in Booked Scheduler - and complete more paid reservations in less time!


$49.97 USD

Works with Booked Scheduler - GUARANTEED!

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