Calendar2TV Full-Screen Reservations

Fully configurable to meet your personal needs.  Display reservations over ANY JPG or PNG picture (like your company icon) or none at all.  Auto refresh shows all your Booked Scheduler reservations at a glance - as they fit your customized (and easy to configure) filters!
See the "quick view" LIVE DEMO (display changes every few seconds so you can see various display options)

Use for ALL your displays on one server - all for one low price!

$97 USD

Works with Booked Scheduler - GUARANTEED!

Your purchase today is covered by our 365 day Upgrade Protection.

Yes, this Booked Scheduler plugin works with your current Booked Scheduler version - and any/all UPGRADES to this plugin are FREE for one full year!

Compatibility guarantee applies to all versions of Booked Scheduler released in the last year by Twinkle Toes Software. Unlimited Free Upgrades applies to the purchased product during Upgrade Protection period. Upgrade Protection is renewable.


MPN: Calendar2TV

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