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Feature rich Booked Scheduler hosting
UNDER $10 per month and no long term contract!

Discover the Booked Scheduler hosting solution that gives you secure control and access to your data, along with the ability to do MORE than just a calendar......

Booked Scheduler Hosting

  • Booked Scheduler latest open source version professionally installed, tested and ready for you to log in (turnkey, worry-free system where the 'technical' as well as 'physical' part of hardware and software install is all done for you.)
  • Secure access (Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate included)
  • Complete database, files and configuration ready to go
  • Unlimited Users, Groups, Schedules, Resources, etc.
  • Email server (100 mailboxes and working Booked Scheduler notifications)
  • Secure access (SSL) to all files (pictures, attachments, plugins, tpl and program files, etc.) for making backups, mods and more!
  • Full FTP allows you to add additional webpages/site-related programs, etc. as you like
  • Easy access to add/mod plugins, do upgrades, etc.
  • Control over your data and peace of mind security
EU GDPR compliant (EU hosted for EU clients)

+ More Features in this Hosting Package!

  • FAST SETUP (typically within an hour or two - note that we set this up manually for you to make sure everything works right when you log in the first time!)
  • Use Your Own Domain Name or ours
  • User Panel (you have complete control!) = Plesk Web Pro Edition
  • PHP version management
  • MySQL
  • FastCGI
  • Web Statistics
  • SSL/TLS Support
  • Plenty of space to host Booked Scheduler with pictures, attachments, plugins and more (1 GB storage included - upgrades available)
  • 10 GB/m traffic (enough for even very busy sites!)
  • 10 FTP accounts
  • FAST worldwide access

So, how does this Booked Scheduler hosting plan compare with other offerings?

Host With

Twinkle Toes Software
Booked Scheduler latest version

Latest Booked Scheduler open source version installed and tested by Apps-n-Add-Ons experienced, professional staff.

We manually install and test your instance for you - assuring it works as expected when you log in.

Turnkey Solution

We do all the 'heavy lifting' for you!

We take care of the 'physical' server as well as the 'technical' side of installing and configuring Booked Scheduler for you.

All you do is log in, privately set your configuration and start scheduling!

Extreme Security

Security of Private Data is our top priority.

  • Database (maintained in the EU for EU customers) is highly restricted, requires multiple levels to view and only highly trained, heavily screened individuals have access.
  • Private Data remains on your server - within your control.
Unlimited Users, Schedules, Resources

Configure as many Users, Groups, Schedules, Resources (anything!) as you like!

Some companies limit these and charge you extra - with us, it is UNLIMITED!

Nothing for you to install

We provide the technical expertise to get you going quickly.

No Technical background needed

Our technical staff gets your Booked Scheduler instance up and running for you - running on world-class servers.

Installation and initial (default) configuration of the Booked Scheduler program and database is done for you.

Configure Booked how you want

From Users to Groups, Resources, Schedules and more, you can configure Booked Scheduler to suit your needs - from University labs to libraries, rental equipment to conference centers - - - whatever you need Booked Scheduler for, you have complete control over the configuration!

Use Your own Domain Name

When you host with, we provide you with a domain name to use that is one of ours (instant access).

If you like, you can also purchase your own domain name and use that - or you can use a 'sub-domain' from one you already own and access your Booked Scheduler instance through that.

Our staff is happy to walk you through the process if you need assistance.

Access your files and database for backup

Here is where you start seeing the real difference in hosting your Booked Scheduler calendar with!

We provide you with FTP access information where you can directly access your data, files and database so you can do regular backups, further protecting your data and privacy.

User Panel

Easy access to your data is through a secure User Panel system.

We use Plex (, a world leader in access panel solutions for websites, which gives you peace of mind that your data is secure and accessible only by authorized personnel.

User Panel gives you control over FTP users as well as direct access to your files and database (through phpMyAdmin)

PHP Version management

We regularly update the PHP versions available on the server to maintain the latest security packages.

These versions are immediately available for your use in your hosting, with a simple selection. (be sure the version you choose is compatible with the version of Booked Scheduler you use!)

Access to MySQL via phpMyAdmin

Direct access to your database is rarely needed, but when you need it, you need it FAST!

With hosting for Booked Scheduler from, you have instant access to your data - and you control who has access through your User Panel.

Whether you need to access the database to do maintenance backups or 'emergency' access for other things (who knows? Sometimes you just need in there!), you can do that with this hosting package - but not if you host with 'others'!

Web Statistics

View visitor usage and pages visited.

Secure Access (SSL) when using Your own Domain Name or Ours provides free SSL certificates through Let's Encrypt for all hosted sites.

Access your data through an encrypted (https://) connection - further protecting your private data.

Create Your Own Web Site or Web Pages

Plenty of room to place additional website 'support' pages or even a 'front-end' solution if you like!

Many people that need a calendar solution also need pages to 'support' their calendar users (maybe an actual Support page or some other actions like looking up orders, different views of the calendar data) - the uses are unlimited with our hosting solution!

FTP Access

Authorized personnel have direct access to your files to install new plugins, upgrage Booked Scheduler, make authorized changes to the program, install new webpages, etc.

EU GDPR compliant

Hosted in the EU for EU clients to provide compliance with GDPR rules.

Note that most Booked Scheduler installations fall under the 'radar' of GDPR (not enough people/traffic to qualify as a potential 'leak' of private data), though we encourage you to check with your compliance team for any questions.

No Long-Term Committment

Monthly subscription package is standard with!

While we believe "Once you try us, you won't ever want to leave", you can cancel anytime!

Need a yearly subscription to comply with your internal requirements? No problem! We offer that, too!

Have other requirements? Contact us and let us know how we can assist!

Lowest Cost Hosting for Booked Scheduler

We provide the LOWEST COST as well as the MOST FEATURES!

Start hosting your Booked Scheduler calendar (and more) with today!

Hosting for Booked Scheduler

$9.97/m USD
No long-term contract
No hidden costs
Great service
Excellent Booked Scheduler hosting plan


$100/yr USD
For those that need to purchase per year - or just love to save even more money!
Same great service
Same great features - at a discount!

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