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These are our 'universal' terms (we use this on all requests to keep things simple):



As of Feb 1, 2021


IMPORTANT: We develop all packages (from plugins to full external applications) to work on our hosted server (i.e., where you will see the demo) in 'latest version' of Windows (or Mac) running Chrome browser. We use modern-day practices and frameworks (as applicable) and expect few problems on any device or browser, though vendor and developer support vary widely and many incompatibilities exist from device to device and browser to browser (even different browsers on the same device!) Therefore, any development required for other device or browser support (including, but not limited to different devices, like phones, tablets, etc. and their various versions of different browsers) is at an additional, per-hour (or otherwise negotiated bulk-rate) charge (i.e., if you expect it to work on 5 versions of phones, 6 types of tablets and 4 different browsers on each - we are happy to support that, but it is NOT part of the original quote!)

We develop and test for the software and version you specify (while it is typical that custom software will work with later versions of most popular software, it is not guaranteed - and additional development {along with associated charges} may be needed. We highly recommend you upgrade your software to the version you intend to run before doing any custom development).

NOTE: If you have previously made custom modifications to the software you MUST provide us with that version to assure compatibility! Incompatibility of our custom software with your modified version is not a bug - it is additional development! This also adds a minimum 1 hour (2 hours if database work is needed) to any estimate we provide to install/setup your version of any software we put on our servers.





A 'simple feature' plugin (i.e. not a 'hard' thing to do with complex calculations, external interfaces, etc.) takes 2-3 hours - which includes:

The above is only an EXAMPLE - your estimate will include all modifications to provide you with the functions as you specify and may vary greatly from the 'simple' example above. More 'complex' plugins (more calculations, API interfaces, etc.) may take 2-3 times longer (or more!) to build.

Anything that requires 'core mod' (internal modifications to the software base code) typically add 1-2 hours per feature (Most core software is rather complex and often requires modification to several files to even do a 'simple' thing.....) - it is not uncommon to take 2 hours just to find all the places that need modification!

New pages (internal or external) require 1-2 hour setup (to make the empty 'page') then various times depending on just what you want that page to do (if you give us a 'mockup' page, we can usually put that together in 1-2 hours) features typically take 2 or more hours to complete (with testing, this can be 5 or more hours, depending on the feature!)

All custom software (no matter if a plugin, core mod or stand-alone application) takes time to create the install package and instructions, etc. (1-2 hours typically though sometimes less/more)

As you can see, there is a lot to making custom software!

We are happy to get you a 'max price for budgeting purposes' which is based on our initial evaluation.

Contact us today - we are happy to work with you on making your custom specifications a reality!

If you are ready to get your custom feature or custom plugin for your Booked Scheduler installation, we are ready to make it for you!